Homeless for the Holidaze Homeless for the Holidaze Homeless for the Holidaze Homeless for the Holidaze
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"JESUS" (pictured). Considered by some to be a pivotal figure in the story of Christmas...
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No vintage gear was harmed in the making of this CD.
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Homeless for the Holidaze Hits the Streets
Allegedly recorded on a cold and blustery winter’s night by an Ensemble of Lonesome Fellas at a soup kitchen somewhere near the North Pole, “Homeless for the Holidaze” celebrates the Christmas season with some smokin’ R&B, funk, jazz and ROCK delivered with a bit of satire and a big fat tongue planted firmly in cheek. Kicking off with some word up from the streets of Seattle, the opening number fades into a nostalgic rendition of “Home for the Holidays” that sets the stage for the wild sleigh ride to come. Next on the journey is “The Stripper’s Holiday,” a truly unique version of The Stripper by David Rose dressed up with a large medley of yuletide ...  see Homeless, page A5

Well it finally happened. After years of jokes and speculation, The Voice has confirmed rumors that Santa did in fact get stuck in a chimney during last year’s Christmas Eve at a trailer park somewhere outside of Athens, Georgia. According to one nosey reindeer who wishes to remain anonymous, Santa did in fact get stuck. “Contrary to the email chain going around on the internet, it was his big fat sack that got stuck not his big fat, err, well, you know.” Other reindeers, including Blitzen and Donner, refused to comment.

It seems that local impersonator Elfish Presley has been causing quite a stir around the Village lately.  Several of our older residents have mistaken the entertainer for the original King of Rock and Roll. “I thought it was him,” shrieked local senior Eleanor McKringle. “Had me all weak in the knees and everything.” Elfish was reportedly on his way to perform at the Babes In Toyland later on that evening.

Keeping with the Christmas spirit, the producers of Homeless For The Holidaze are proud to announce that 25% of the net proceeds from the album are dedicated to homeless programs in the greater metropolitan Seattle area......

Local Seattle blues trombone player featured on several songs found on the Homeless for the Holidaze, will be hosting his infamous blues jam at the BIT this Saturday.  Elves should sign up at…..