Homeless for the Holidaze Homeless for the Holidaze Homeless for the Holidaze Homeless for the Holidaze
In Memorium
Elf & Musician Credits

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Homeless for the Holidaze Hits the Streets

A whole lot of great instruments and amps found their way on this recording from a myriad of sources.  Here’s a partial list of some of the cooler stuff:


Magnatone Mark V

1967 Gibson Johnny Smith

1968/69 Gibson 335

1978 Fender Jazzmaster sunburst finish northern alder body

1989 Fender Stratocaster American Standard

Les Paul Special Reissue signed by Les Paul himself

Gibson SG Reissue

90’s - Paisley Telecaster – pink made in Japan

            Gretsch Synchromatic Double Neck Guitar & Baritone

            2003 Brian Setzer signature model w/Filtertrons


2005 Fritz Brothers Electric Bass

60’s Harmony H-22 hollowbody


1930’s Paramount tenor banjo


For the guitars:

            1959 Magnatone Custom 280 with true stereo vibrato

            1961 – 1963 Twilighter Custom 260 (basically a Magnatone 260R)

            '76 Marshal 2104 lead bass 2x12 combo 50 watt

            Early ‘60’s Selmer Truevoice w/ a single 12" low watt Celestion


For the bass:

            Ampeg B-15R Portaflex - reissue